It’s ruff ruff on the doggies…

29 Jun

I love my two Yorkshire terriers Sparticus and Buddy. When I left, it hadn’t really dawned on me that I was not just leaving the house and husband, but I was also leaving my beloved pets.

Buddy is 15 years old. That’s really old in doggie years even for a little guy. Buddy is pretty much blind and deaf now and wherever I would be in the house, that is where he’d want to be. Shaking at my feet. I think he shakes because he is confused so I’d often just pick him up and put him on my lap and carry him from room to room. Sparticus is 8 years old and totally fits his name. He races out the doggie door toward the back wire fence to bark at the deer family that lives in the creek. He totally thinks he’s super badass. He walks bow-legged even.

As of today, I’ve been out of the house for two weeks. Sort of.

A few days after I left, I made arrangements for a doggie play date so I could see them. Sparticus was overjoyed to see me and very clingy, which isn’t really his way. Buddy is just so tired all the time that he mostly slept when I was there. And I also stayed at the house last weekend when the husband went out of town. But since I was moving my things into my new place, I feel like I didn’t get to spend any quality time with either of them. As a result, every time I tried to play with Sparticus, he half-heartedly engaged and then would just sigh, walk away, and curl up on the couch cushion, looking outside the window.

He saw me packing clothes and shoes, miscellaneous kitchen things, etc and then leaving. He knows. He always knew when I was packing for a trip and I’d be gone overnight.

I know my leaving is hard on the husband, and now I know my leaving is hard on my dogs too. And while I love my dogs probably more than I love people, and miss their cute wiggly bodies jumping up on me, I’m also surprised to find that I’m sort of okay not living with them.

Or perhaps this just means I’m numb right now. We’ll see. I will say this, I’ve found that it’s nice not to be kicked by little paws during the night.


3 Responses to “It’s ruff ruff on the doggies…”

  1. The Martini Diva June 29, 2011 at 2:34 pm #

    Honey, your puppies are depressed – they miss you. Animals respond with much the same emotions as humans to changes in their lives. And yes, you are probably numb which is why you’re not missing them like you expected. That will wear off.

    Can’t you have dogs where you’re moving to?

    Hope things settle out for you soon – and your little furry guys too.

    • Lisa June 29, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

      I simply cannot move the dogs from their big home and yard. Buddy is too old and besides, I’m renting a room for the time being… 😦

      More play dates will help I think…

  2. Blogdramedy June 29, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    Martini Diva is right…you’re numb with shock. The adrenaline from the decision and the move is acting to keep you sane so you can get yourself settled. You’ll probably go into a roller coaster ride of emotions over the next weeks and months. Keep your friends close.

    More importantly, take care of yourself and remember to get enough sleep. Yes, sleep is boring but without it you’d be dead. 😉

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