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Fore and aft…

1 Nov

As most of you know, I like to spend time with The Rockstar. He makes me laugh, keeps me sane, and boy, can the boy cook!

One of the very first conversations we had was about his wet-dream to sail around the world. He’s been charting this course for years and has spent a lot of time watching boat porn and chatting with other like minded seamen¬†yachtsmen.

When he first told me he wanted to move out of his place in Berkeley and onto a boat in the marina, I took one look at said boat and small kitchen and told him “hewl nao”. I mean, y’aint gonna get this girlie in that galley. I’d rather walk the plank. Of course, I’d be wearing rubber soled stilettos but still.

But like most waking dreams, this one is about to go live. He found a much nicer 34′ sailboat, named Mis Demeanor or Mis Defiance or something equally fitting, and he’s battening down the hatch and fixin to move aboard.

The thought of adventures on the high seas, or at least the SF Bay, are starting to sink in. (Anyone counting the metaphors here?) There’s nothing more awesome than sailing under the Bay Bridge and nothing more beautiful than the North Bay and its fog-enshrouded rolling hills.

Looks like I’ll be rigging up some sheets and turning the wheel in his cockpit very soon indeed.

I’m very much looking forward (aka fore) to this. When life presents opportunities, you better take them. Regret is a bitter pill usually taken with massive amounts of alcohol. Well, I never minded the massive amounts of alcohol but you won’t see this girl swirling into an abyss of regret.