Now we’re friends…

17 Jan

January 15 was the seven month mark. It’s been seven months since I ran away from home. I haven’t seen or talked to the hubby in person since then.

So we agreed to meet, have a drink, figure out what’s going on. I call this the “temperature check”. Kind of like sticking a dry thermometer up your butt. Painful but will prove how you’re really feeling.

So last night, we met half-way at a restaurant and while initially awkward, we both quickly warmed up to sharing funny stories and laughing. We even toasted “to being friends.” Hell, he even shared some funny stories about his dating experiences.

Leaving our home, our dogs, our life, our friends was hard enough for me. Losing my best friend in the process was downright painful.

I’ve often fantasized that one day, I’ll pick up the dogs and the hubby and I will sit at the kitchen counter, drink a glass of wine, and catch up with the other. I honestly can say that I think this actually may come true.

As we hugged goodbye and he repeated how glad he is that we can be friends, I couldn’t believe my good fortune. As he put it in an email today, it’s like a huge burden has been lifted.

I never meant to hurt him. And now that he’s moving on and yet wants to be friends makes me feel that while we are no longer us (the couple), we can still be us (the friends) – and that’s incredibly special.


One Response to “Now we’re friends…”

  1. Nicki January 17, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    Wow. Your divorce is going better than my first marriage. We all know that divorce sucked @$$. So glad things are getting better for you. Hugs!

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