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Lost in space…

30 Apr

Wow, I can’t believe I let 8.5 months go by without writing a single blog here.

So I’ll do a quick recap for you…

1) I had a shitty winter. Not because it was cold, rainy, snowy or weather-related, but because it just sucked.

2) I got a nice promotion at work, which is great because they recognize my value, except they don’t pay me enough. I know this because one of my staff makes more than I do. :-/

3) I filed for divorce on February 15. Because the ex and I get along very well, and are fair with each other, we decided to do it ourselves, which means, I am dealing with the paperwork. And holey crap, is there a ton of that.

4) We sold our house. Made a huge amount on it, for which I will have to pay a huge amount in taxes next year.

5) I bought a Mercedes. I’m using some of the cash from #4 to pay it off. Squeee!

6) I moved to yet another condo. This one is bigger and beautiful, but it’s in an area dense with allergens. I am wiping snot from my nose as I type.

7) Sparky is with me now (mostly). I took him to the vet for a checkup and of course, he needed a dental cleaning. They took all his canine teeth and at the end of the day, he’s got 9 teeth left and is now on canned dog food. No more hard biscuits 😦

lost in space

Wow, is that all that I’ve been up to the last 8+ months? I am reading this back and thinking while stressful, I really haven’t been doing anything fun or crazy. I guess I’ve been lost in space a bit. Guess I better change that as we move into spring…

Til next time – be kind to each other and don’t sweat the little stuff. Peace out.