A constant change…

21 Nov

Almost two years ago my beloved mother died. This was one month after Rock and I reunited. Since then, I returned to school, got an A in Psychology by the way, my divorce became final, and I itched for change.

I find that I’ve been restless quite a bit. I need to move around a lot after sitting in one place for a spell. After I ran way from home 4 years ago, I moved into a small apartment. Then another small apartment, then a 2 bedroom condo, then a 5 bedroom house. It made sense at the time. Until I took a look inward and realized that the life I was living was not making me happy. I’d get up, drink my coffee, walk my dog, work, school, eat, drink, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

I also took stock of my surroundings. My neighbors were a bunch of assholes and we had nothing in common – at least I suspect we didn’t because they would go out of there way to avoid me as I walked Sparky. Jumping off the curb even. 

We’d go out to our favorite restaurants and look around. When did our little Bay Area town become little India and little Asia? I have no bias, just felt out of place in the community I had grown up in.

And when did it become so expensive? I never ran the AC or heat yet my utility bills were almost $400/month, on top of our crazy $4550/mo rent.

So the itch needed to be scratched. Time to move. Again. 

But this time, why not consider moving someplace where we could afford to really live and by live, I mean LIVE?!

Rock and I started talking about places and we fantasized about buying a house on Chesapeake Bay. And a boat. And toys!! As we combed through Zillow, I started bookmarking houses that fit my range and taste. As we got more excited, we cautiously talked to our bosses about options… And we’d be able to keep our jobs with the move.  Decision made!! 

So we packed our bags, flew to Virginia, and found our bubble of happiness. On a little canal, off the Salt Ponds Marina, which opens to the Chesapeake. I bought the boat too. And a couple of Sea Doos, cuz, you know – toys!

Best part – it’s affordable. 


4211 square feet, on the water, in a great neighborhood with greta people, many of which actually say hi, and in fact, I’m happy to call friends! I signed the contract and we started the painful and expensive process of moving all the way across these glorious United States. It was a great adventure. 
It’s been 4 months now, and I’m not restless. In fact, I hate leaving Our Bubble of Happiness. It is our home. I finally feel peace. 

The view from my patio at sunset. Can you even imagine?

We had a fabulous summer and so far, a beautiful autumn. More later… Enjoy ~ mwah!


One Response to “A constant change…”

  1. downeyfab November 21, 2015 at 8:10 am #

    So happy for you my friend.

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