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Just get lost…

20 Jul

I love exercise. Basically anything that makes me break a sweat is pure awesomeness. So I made plans to go hiking with someone last Saturday and I said and I quote “I want a long hike.” And for a couple of ironic reasons, I chose Mt. Diablo. I think ‘someone’ may have missed all the irony in the choice…

Anyhoohaw, trouble is I’ve only hiked on Mt. Diablo once. And I think ‘someone’ thought I knew where I was going. Rut roh. I did NOT. But there’s a trail map, so how easy is that?!

I suggested Curry Point, which said it was a moderate hike around 4 miles. Perfect. Not too long, not too short. So we set off to find the trailhead… Of course, the fact I told him to go left (“not Rock City”) and we had to turn the car around should have been indicative of my map reading prowess.

Well we finally get to the trailhead and park the car. Then we both looked at the map.  And then set off without water or trail mix – hell, not even a fresh stick of gum. We started going East on the trail and at some point, we were to hit a sharp left to begin heading back… Well the title of this post is Just Get Lost and that we did.

We didn’t see the sharp left or any sign posts either. When we hiked past a group of grazing cattle I think we both thought “now that’s odd, why would the public be allowed to hike so close to cattle?” However, neither of us thought we read the map wrong.

We fo sho knew we were off the grid when we hit a trailer park and quite literally walked by people’s front doors. Luckily we ran into someone who lived there and asked where the hell we were. Now, this guy is a total idiot. Sans any savant.

Rut roh...

Me: We seem to be a bit lost. We are trying to get back to Curry Point.

Idiot: Well, Morgan Territory road is that way. (Pointing East.)

Me: Oh, I think we’re backward.

Idiot: Have you ever been to Mercury (or whatever the fuck he said – he was referring to another trailhead on Morgan Territory road.)

Me: No, I’m not familiar, but we’re trying to get back to where we parked the car.

Idiot: Well, if you turn left on Morgan Territory you’ll hit Mercury. A lot of people hike there.

Me: Why would I want to go to this trail – the car is at Curry Point.

Idiot: *stares blankly into space*

Me: OK, thanks for your help!

Oh, by the way, he scolded us with “did you not see the signs that said Private Road and Do Not Enter?” Clearly, we hadn’t or we would have been clued in earlier. Which is apropos since I missed “signs” for 10 years… But oh and by the way, going “the other direction” held ALL the signs leading us back to Curry Point and even the famed Do Not Enter signs…

The old me would have whined big time. Pouted and complained. But here’s the thing: the new me took it in stride and saw it as just more time spent hiking with ‘someone’ and being outdoors on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I saw it as an adventure and really didn’t mind sweating like a sticky piglet. Well – maybe I did a little. I am after all, a girl.

The hike ended up around 9 miles and took us a little more than four hours. It was a helluva lot of fun actually and I posit that getting lost is the best way to find yourself.