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Murder, She Wrote…

19 Apr

Summoned to jury duty this past Monday, all I could think about was “how the hell am I gonna get out of this?” My lady boss just quit a week ago, my Executive Director asked me if I’d be interested in being considered for her job, and frankly, I’ve got a shitload on my hands (no pun) to deal with.

I was in for the rudest awakening EVUH. First off, I had no idea what jury duty actually was. I was only ever called once to municipal court and they pled out, so WOO HOO, day off for moi!

So as I arrived at the Superior Court building, I figured I’d sit in some room, waiting to be called and then dismissed. It didn’t quite turn out this way. You see, I was in the first group of 123 citizens that day and was selected as candidate #13.

I joked that I was unlucky #13. Which is fucking true, because the jury consists of 12 jurors and 3 alternates. As day 2 wore on, several candidates were recused, leaving me, unlucky #13 to take my new “seat.” In the goddamned jury box. Juror #8.

By the end of day 2 of the jury selection process, 23 more would be recused and the rotating jury box seats would be vacated and refilled until the defense attorney and prosecutor agreed on the jury.

Murder was the case that they gave me...

Now, I’m not often chosen for kickball or other sports, so I was a bit surprised that I was still sitting in the front row of the jury box, in the second seat, when the judge announced that the jury was set.

Trial begins on Monday. As you know, I’m sworn not to discuss the case or specifics. I won’t Google it, or further educate myself on any matters related to criminal law. My role is clear. To be the fact finder in listening to the evidence. To render a verdict.

The only thing I will tell you – this is murder case.

And as my career is now on trial, being judged, weighed and argued, I risk losing my promotion. On the other hand, the life of the defendant, and the justice for the victim outweigh anything else.

I am proud to have been selected and take this extremely seriously. I will be writing nightly, but not publicly, about how this is changing me. Because surely it will. How can it not? When the trial is over, I will publish my experience.