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Smoking a stogie…

26 Jul

OK, stogie conjures up images of big ole fat stinky cigars – which then conjures up images of Clinton and Monica doing the nasty with said stogie.

Neither of which are implied in this post.

You see, The Rockstar likes to smoke cigars and I found this great cigar lounge that had these overstuffed leather couches and a pool table. Now I’m not quite sure how I feel about smoking cigars – my only previous experience was in the Caribbean smoking a Romeo y Juliet cigar and it made me quite ill. NO BUENO. So the point of this adventure was to find out how I feel now.

It was like smoking a stick of gum...

The owner of the lounge was very informative and soon The Rockstar picked out several cigars, including one for me. It was a Java wafe, a thin rectangular cigar infused with chocolate and espresso. It was friggin A yummy. We soon hunkered down on the couch with cigars in one hand and a glass of Pinot Noir in the other, which IMHO, went very well with the cigar. And because well, we’re both a couple of boozehounds, we got another bottle of wine and played some pool. FTR, I won the first game. Yay me!

Now in the past the thought of sitting in a smoky cigar lounge would have had me shaking my head and moving on, but I’m liking the new me – the one who embraces adventure and is willing to try things previously considered taboo.

We had a fantastic time and get this: my clothes didn’t stink like a Cuban tobacco roller’s hands. Go friggin figure.